MOD Virtual

Get ahead of your workload and cost-effectively scale your business by delegating repetitive daily tasks to a virtual assistant from MyOutDesk.

Let our virtual assistants handle your routine prospecting, marketing, administration & support tasks – giving you time to focus on the big picture, driving the key business initiatives and dollar productive tasks that grow your business.

Our VA’s are all required to pass a stringent FBI-grade background check along with possessing the 3 E’s: Employment, Expertise and Experience— to ensure that each of them is a great fit for you and your business.

Your virtual assistant is more than just a pair of hands: you’ll have an intelligent, hard-working addition to your business capable of helping take on the toughest daily challenges for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Your virtual assistant will save you time & money as they apply their experience to taking on your toughest business challenges, keeping you free to focus on the big picture.

Over the last 10 years, MyOutDesk has found & placed over 4,000 virtual assistants for companies across the United States, and we excel at identifying your unique business requirements & finding you a virtual assistant to perfectly fit your needs.

Job Functions

Transaction Coordination

From contract to close & everything in between.

Listing Management

Add, update & management MLS & Website listings.

Administrative Support

Reception, calendars & reports, CRM & events mngt.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Managing accts., reconciling statements & invoicing.

Warm & Cold Calling

Phone prospecting to your CRM & prospect list.

Lead Followup

Rapid & repeat lead followup to build relationships.

Lead Qualification

Screening & prequalifying leads into prospects.

Lead Nurturing

Lead tracking & online, digital & automated followup.

Online Marketing

Website lead capture & management responsibilities.

Social Media

Maintaining social media with relevant content.

Collateral Development

Flyers and direct mail pieces, managing ads, etc.

Multimedia Ads

Creating online ads, videos, email newsletters, etc.

Appointment Setting

Setting sales appointments & call confirmations.

Script Reading

Delivering sales & appointment setting call scripts.

Purchase Processing

Processing new sales via telephone and/or online.

Sales Followup

Customer sales followup, onboarding & reporting.

Helpdesk Staffing

Providing coverage for your customer helpdesk.

Script Reading

Delivering customer support & helpdesk scripts.

Account Services

Using your CRM to add, modify, change customer accounts.

Customer Followup

Managing open tickets & solving open client issues.

Design & Documentation

Website dev, graphic design & documentation.

Social Networking Specialist

Social network & online management.

Staff Onboarding

Systems work to add, modify, remove for your staff.

Development & Testing

Specialized roles for dev, programming & testing

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Frequently Asked Questions

MyOutDesk Virtual Professionals are our employees who work for you over the internet from their home office for a monthly fee.  They can be responsible for a variety of real estate tasks ranging from transaction coordination to lead generation enabling you to focus your time and energy on those activities that generate income like meeting face to face with buyers and sellers.

A MyOutDesk Virtual Professional is paid a fixed salary for their services which you may write off as a business expense.  There are no hidden fees or additional costs such as federal and state payroll taxes, FICA, unemployment insurance, or benefits.  Nor is additional equipment or office space required.

MyOutDesk Virtual Professionals undergo a rigorous screening, interviewing, and assessment process.  Only the highest caliber personnel are selected to  begin our real estate intensive training program which further ensures the Virtual Assistant has an understanding of real estate terminology and processes, especially in the area of work where they will be placed.

Yes, MyOutDesk Virtual Professionals will work in your time zone.

MyOutDesk Virtual Professionals are located where English is the common second language. Our college educated Virtual Professionals come from schools where English is the medium of teaching and most have been speaking and writing English since childhood.  In addition, MyOutDesk’s screening process filters out applicants with poor English communication skills.

Yes.  English is the common second language to MyOutDesk Virtual Professionals.  Since childhood, they have been taught to speak and write English.  The Philippines is also considered an “accent neutral” country which is why many US companies base call centers and other operations there.

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